Designing a Book

Children’s Book Design This book design was a project for a typography class I took at Drake University. For the project, we were asked to design and lay out a cover and contents for a book, and conduct research into different book design techniques. I chose to work with the book Black Beauty by Anna […]

Cadence Magazine prototype

Creating a Print Magazine From Scratch What I learned about journalism through creating my own magazine concept This project was an assignment for one of my journalism classes at Drake University. For the class, students were asked to create a concept for a magazine, then develop an effective business plan and working prototype for that […]

Taking the Scenic Route

East Village bakery offers a slower pace of life to busy Des Moines residents originally published for The Pedestrian on December 8, 2017 Rustic-looking lightbulbs hang from the walls, the scent of fresh coffee filters through the air as smiling baristas rush back and forth behind the counter, preparing food and drinks for customers. It’s […]

Are College Students Emotionally Fragile?

Why Anxiety and Depression Rates Continue to Rise on College Campuses originally published for the Times-Delphic on 9.14.17 The college students of previous generations were responsible, critical-thinking go-getters, but today’s students seem to struggle more and more with mental health problems. While some are quick to question the stability of today’s college students, there may […]

Food Trucks and Farmers’ Markets

Local non-profit is filling the gaps in Des Moines’ food distribution system By Samantha Jones The Des Moines area is a desert. Not a sandy desert, with camels and blazing hot temperatures and water mirages far in the distance, of course. But a food desert. The USDA classifies a food desert as any urban area […]

about me

Hi there, my name is Samantha Jones. I’m a senior Magazine Media and News major at Drake University, pursuing my passion to become a stronger writer and communicator. My free time is largely spent running, reading, spending time with close friends, and exploring the outdoors (Okay, fine, I also spend a reasonable amount of time […]