I have always been an artist. But my time at Drake University shaped and developed my passion for art. I’ve loved to draw as long as I’ve been able to hold a crayon, but growing up I would get frustrated when my uncoordinated chicken scratches didn’t live up to the masterpiece I’d envisioned in my head. Growing up, I was always doodling–in a notebook, on a napkin, on the walls (sorry, Mom!). I was looking for a way to express the beauty of the world around me and my own joy at living in it. My dad, a landscape architect and a very talented artist himself, taught me basic drawing and painting skills during my early years.

I’ve found over time that art isn’t about talent, it’s about putting in your creativity and personality and allowing the imperfections to happen. It’s about telling stories through casual sketches on napkin corners, splatters of coffee and scrawls of whatever writing utensil is sitting on the table next to you. It’s about picking up a pen or brush and being able to express a certain emotion, describe a specific place, or recall a favorite memory without ever having to write a word. It’s an escape from the insanity of the real world into a place that is quiet and completely your own.

My design classes at Drake University refined the passion for art I developed during childhood–they taught me how to use scribbles on a page for a larger meaning. I learned how concepts like hierarchy, colors, tension, and symmetry could bring greater meaning to my work. That knowledge opened up a whole world of creativity I never before realized. Since adding my design minor during my sophomore year, I have created class projects, used design methods to inform my writing at internships, and even taken on a few projects for clients or for myself. These include a magazine prototype, book layout and illustrations–even the design of this website.

There’s so much creativity in the world around us, we just need to look for it!

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