Through journalism classes at Drake University and internships at Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, Food Network Magazine, and Better Homes & Gardens, I’ve been very fortunate to write and learn about a wide variety of topics.

An internship at Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation taught me how to write about things I’m unfamiliar with, and how to break down confusing topics to an audience. It also further developed my love of learning–particularly about nature! Going into the internship, I knew very little about land stewardship and conservation. Now, I realize just how important–and interesting–those topics are.

As an editor at Drake Mag, I collaborated with writers and editors to create an award-winning university publication. Prior to attending Drake, I remember reading through Drake Mag and hoping to someday be able to help out in its creation. I also wrote a feature article for our Spring 2019 issue about burnout in college students. Though many stressful late nights went into being an editor, the finished product made our efforts more than worth it!

The summer after my junior year in college, I was selected to be an ASME intern in New York City. Born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa, the idea of moving to Manhattan for an entire summer was a terrifying–but exciting–one. During my time in New York as an editorial intern at Food Network Magazine, I collaborated with senior editors on research and writing projects, met top editors at a wide range of influential magazines, attended workshops and networking events with other journalists, and never got lost in the city once. I learned to hunt for stories in unexpected places, stay on top of a busy editorial calendar, and work alongside professionals passionate about their careers.

I am currently an editorial apprentice at BHG.com and work in the holidays and crafts sections for the digital magazine. In a given day, I may write a story about the latest Christmas Tree trend, help out with a video shoot, research SEO strategies, or pitch story ideas to editors. Thanks to this apprenticeship, I’m always up to date on the best decorating trends, Hallmark movies, and cutest DIYs. Plus, I get to apply the things I’ve learned in class these past four years to a real-world magazine and learn even more each day!

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